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The Fire
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The Fire

On the evening of September 2nd 2004, a devastating fire broke out in the original building (Green Palace) of the Herzogin Anna Amalia Library and developed into the largest library fire in Germany since WW II.

The historical building, which belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage, was damaged by fire and water, and the third floor and the attic were completely destroyed.

During the night of the fire and the following days, more than nine hundred helpers evacuated tens of thousands of books and art works out of the building and from under the rubble left after the fire.

Large parts of the valuable collection were maintained, to which medieval autographs, incunabula (early printed books dating from before 1500), globes and maps belong, as well as the largest Faust collection in the world and Nietzsche’s private library.

Drawing ›››
Original Building ›››